Training area: Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism defined by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, and subsequently the UNWTO, as a trip that includes at least two of the following three elements: physical activity, natural environment, and cultural immersion. While the definition only requires two of these components, trips incorporating all three are argued to give tourists a more complete adventure travel experience.

A slow adventure is a human- or nature-powered experience that typically includes sampling wild or local foods, wildlife encounters and learning about local culture and environments, as well as fostering a feeling of comfort in the outdoors. It creates slow experiential journeys that encourage people to enjoy and experience the outdoors at an unhurried pace, to explore our less-trammelled landscapes and where ‘being connected’ means immersion in remote and wild places and local cultures.

This course is designed to equip you with all of the tools required to respond effectively to challenges and changes within the tourism sector. The Adventure Tourism course is split into two separate online courses: Immersion in Digital Technology (modules 1-8) and Innovating New Products (modules 1-2). AVIP is a flexible learning pathway that helps learners to enhance their digital and entrepreneurial skills as well as help them to prepare for the fast-changing adventure tourism market.

These courses are modular and you can dip into and out of the modules as you choose, however, we recommend that you start by clicking on the course and then following the modules in the suggested order.

Immersion in Digital Technology
Module 1. The Future Adventure Traveller
Module 2. Future Trends in Technology & Travel
Module 3. Digital Marketing Campaigns
Module 4. Customer First Marketing
Module 5. Adventure Tourism Website
Module 6. Digital Social Media Marketing
Module 7. Travel Apps, AR, VR, MR
Module 8. Immersive Digital Technologies
Innovating New Products
Module 1. Plan your Adventure Initiative
Module 2. Organise and Implement your Responsible Initiative

Created by AVIP: Adventure Tourism Innovation Partnerships

Storytelling with Smartphones- the use of smartphones and social media in telling your story.

Learn how to use a smartphone to take pictures and videos and publish them on social media. Self-study material is available from Storytelling with smartphone and Photographic storytelling. Videos and the module can be studied HERE.

Therapeutic outdoor activity

Learn more about therapeutic outdoor adventure education.

Gain an overview of the history, origins and development of adventure and outdoor therapeutic practices, understand the different applications of adventure therapy and the practical consideration and competencies required for practice. Study the module and presentation materials regarding outdoor adventure education and adventure therapy.

Created by ADVENT: Adventure Tourism Vocational Education and Training