Shaping Ethical Tourism


This site offers a simple way (using inspiring case studies from around Europe) to enhance your knowledge on ethical and sustainable tourism.

There are two types of content available, one for tourism developers and one for entrepreneurs.

Past NPA projects

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ARCTISEN created tools for developing tourism business that respects Indigenous and other local cultures in the Arctic and beyond.

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SHAPE focused on a transnational set of sustainable heritage areas (SHAs) with diverse experiences of sustainability and regional cooperation involving stakeholders in heritage management, tourism, and governance.

SAINT developed slow adventure as a marketing concept, exploring the possibilities for business collaboration and the use of the brand to extend the marketing reach of micro-businesses.

Women entrepreneurs across Northern rural areas were given opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial skills and networks and make international contacts with the support of the W-Power.

NEW Article:

Responsible tourism benefits businesses, local communities and tourists

Author: Tarja Kupiainen, Principal Lecturer, Karelia University of Applied Sciences